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2011 October | B2B Lead Generation,Inside Sales,Appointment Setting,Telemarketing and Outsourcing | The Global Associates
From the monthly archives: October 2011

B2B lead generation : Not wasting any time, let’s get to the point!

B2B lead generation,B2B lead generation in india

It’s only words…: The kind of language one uses after making the initial contact with the prospective or existing client is another crucial factor. One needs to have consideration for the kind of person they are dealing with, i.e., the language used should not make the person feel like he doesn’t know anything (using self-created acronyms, verbose pitches, etc.). But then again, one should also not get the idea that you do not consider them intelligent enough, and are deliberately ‘dumbing down’ the conversation. A delicate balance needs to be maintained, particularly in case of inside sales, so that the message gets across, and the client does not feel offended in any sense of the word. Avoid talking like someone who is just out of an MBA school, and you will do just fine!

‘I’ is passé: In the earlier days, it was important to build a more personal relationship with the client for B2B lead generation. It still is, albeit now, one needs to refrain from using words like ‘I’, ‘me’, etc. Instead, collaborative words like ‘we’ and ‘us’ have a better chance of yielding a positive result. It shows that the client is not talking to one person, but the entire organization, as one unified unit, which leads to more trust.
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B2B lead generation :

Continuing on our previous post, let us elucidate some more pointers for you to make better sales to prospective as well as current clients:

B2B lead generation,B2B lead generation in india

Get straight down to business: A significant majority of salespersons often make the mistake of opening their calls with ‘Hello sir, I am ________ calling from _______. Our company is (a brief, or sometimes elongated, company profile) This call is regarding….’. Please bear in mind that you are calling someone in the middle of their workday. The other person may be in an important meeting, taking a crucial business decision, or addressing his employees. He does not want to hear you brag about how good your company is, but he might be interested in knowing your proposal. So, don’t waste his time in telling about your organization’s accolades – save them for when he asks you for your credentials. Give the client the importance he deserves by telling him how you can help his business. This is particularly true in case of small business lead generation.

What’s in a name – Another grave mistake salespersons indulge in (probably in an attempt to give the client an ego massage) is using the client’s name over and over again. While personalization is certainly a great way to form a bond, repeatedly ‘reminding’ the client of his/her name is overkill, and almost never works. It also leads to the conversation sounding a bit more like a telemarketing lead generation script.
The story continues in the next post…
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B2B lead generation :

Many of our clients have been misguided by faux industry stalwarts in the past with regards to what making sales is actually like. So, after trying really hard with the tried-and-tested cold-calling methodology with little success, they do get really curious about what is it that we do that gives such phenomenal results in terms of B2B lead generation (isn’t that just the best compliment ever!) to which we don’t really have an answer. However, we felt like we were closely guarding a secret, and that’s just not right. So here it is, our little black book of how to sell more (and more), so that you are able to ‘earn’ your clients in every sense of the word!


B2B lead generation,B2B lead generation in indiaAs you can see (quite literally) this is quite a lot of information, so we are going to divide it up in separate posts.

What and When:

The first point is not to know what to ask, but ‘when’ to ask. There’s a fine line between persistence and going on a wild goose chase, particularly when it comes to telemarketing lead generation. Since time is of paramount importance, it is imperative that one needs to divide it according the proximity of getting business, or, in more technical terms, in cold, warm and hot leads. Going after the big fish is only going to work out if the big fish is hungry enough to take the bait!

Watch out for more info in the next post…



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Finally, it is here… Our debut blog post!

Sure feels like breaking ground, more so since till now, we were so busy with clients that we didn’t realize that we are missing out on something, i.e., a chance to express ourselves and open a channel of communication (besides our ‘formal’ channel, that is).

So, what to talk about on this momentous occasion?…. Not getting carried away any more, let’s just come straight to the point. We, at TheGlobalAssociates are here to give you industry-leading expertise in sales solutions. Our sole purpose is to maximize your sales, which basically means that we are a valuable asset for your business, with our distinguished experience and know-how in various facets of sales solutions.

Our Raison d’être is primarily to raise the bar in  the manner in which sales are conducted, since many nuances are often overlooked, which leads to business getting affected. More often than not, businesspersons have a tendency of only focusing on improving their products and services, and we sincerely want you to devote most of your time and efforts to this very purpose, and leave the sales part to us.

So, irrespective of whether you have a sales team or not, we are here to help you realize the maximum potential of your enterprise, and can work in conjunction with, or in the absence of, a dedicated sales team, to give you the results you desire and deserve.

Watch this space for more in the days to come!
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