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2012 June | B2B Lead Generation,Inside Sales,Appointment Setting,Telemarketing and Outsourcing | The Global Associates
From the monthly archives: June 2012

Startup enterprises find it increasingly difficult to find a place for themselves in the market, for the simple reason that they are yet to build credibility. And this is more so in case of the B2B domain, where the stakes are already so high. However, there is one small business lead generation tactic that is almost as under-utilized as it is effective – webinars.

The reason why they are so effective is because in the B2B domain, information is the key to winning a bigger market share. This information can be theoretical (in case of consultancy services) or practical (any of the many firms that execute/help their clients in executing projects). The simple fact is that the best way to leave a favorable impression on clients is by showcasing the knowledge-base of the brand. And there’s no better way than organizing a webinar. With a bit of effective marketing on professional and social networks, besides email invites to the TG, the brand can score really well in terms of small business lead generation. Many brands choose to take the assistance of third party agencies for organizing or marketing these webinars, since it makes achieving the desired objective all the more easy.


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Many organizations have a very unique kind of apprehension against B2B lead generation, i.e., they do not want to reveal too much information about their product or service. On the other, if the sales process remains within the organization, the management can have better control over the process, but the cons outweigh the ‘supposed’ pros. To being with, there are so many variables in the sales process that one can easily lose track of them on a day-to-day basis in a bid to balance other activities. This often leads to something crucial being missed out on, and this usually has the potential to cause a great deal of damage to the organization’s reputation.

B2B lead generation,  B2B lead generation in india,

B2B lead generation, B2B lead generation in india,

However, if the sales process was carried out in collaboration with a B2B lead generation firm, the results would be very different. Coming back to the apprehension regarding secrecy, it’s an understood fact that as soon as a product or service is launched, information about its features is eventually revealed within a matter of days. Also, in case the product or service is a new offering, the company can always sign a confidentiality agreement with the firm to ensure that no vital information is leaked, resulting in better sales without any concerns about keeping secrets!


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Inbound marketing is another great way for small business lead generation. Companies that create good quality content that is of interest to their TG often end up benefiting tremendously from this step. Thanks to the increased usage of the internet to search for products and services, coupled with the marvels of search engine optimization, content has certainly become ‘king’ in every sense of the word. Good quality content achieves the hardest step in the entire sales and marketing lifecycle, i.e., getting a person to visit the company’s website.

Once this has been done, it’s relatively easier to close the deal via a series of call to action buttons and landing page forms. However, it’s essential to indulge in smart SEO, which is essentially a three part process. First, the website needs to be optimized for the right keywords, since just writing articles and blogs focused on industry-oriented keywords is not enough. Also, the websites where the articles are submitted need to have a decent page rank, so as to give the maximum benefit to the business. Also, sharing the content via social networks is extremely important to get the maximum attention, so that the results are amplified and the business can be taken to the next level with simple marketing tactics.


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There are so many companies that are actively hunting for the ‘perfect’ idea to give their small business lead generation campaign the much-needed boost. However, very few seldom find the answer to this question, and even those that do are not sure of the same! The reason, quite simply, is that there is no ‘perfect’ idea! The best way to generate leads for small businesses in particular is to utilize all the available marketing media, i.e., email marketing, online advertisings, social media, personal networking, telemarketing, etc.

While this might seem like an act of desperation, small business lead generation is, more than anything else, all about being in the right place at the right time. Hence, when one uses different channels to get in touch with prospects, there is a considerably high chance that one can get in touch with a company or client that is in urgent need of the product or service being offered. And when this happens, the business will get fantastic returns for all the effort. Hence, particularly during the heydays when the business is trying to make a name for itself, it’s important to make the extra effort, since this will lead to greater success in the times to come.


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Every organization has a team that takes care of its small business lead generation requirements. Numerous tactics are used to get new business. Some of these are extremely effective, while others, not quite so. However, there is no doubt about the fact that email marketing, as a means of promotion, is extremely effective for brands. Now, for generating leads via the internet, it’s extremely important that essential information about the prospect needs to be captured. And while this might seem like just another step in the process, it’s much more complicated.

Marketers may be extremely glad about the fact that they have a prospect who is interested and wishes to be contacted, but exactly how well should the brand know the prospect at the first point of contact, is a million dollar question. And in some cases, this is not a metaphor! Hence, getting the right kind of information is one of the building blocks of effective small business lead generation. Quite obviously, there’s no guide to knowing how many questions, what kind of questions or which format of questions, would work best. It’s completely about the kind of business an organization is in, and what kind of customer it’s targeting.


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