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B2B Appointment Setting and Technical Difficulties
B2B appointment setting

B2B appointment setting

It seems that the ­­concept of using the term ‘technical difficulties’ is being used a little too often to cover up for inappropriate B2B appointment setting. Whenever something gets in the way of communication or there’s some snag in the email filter that blocks out a prospect’s mail, there are certain elements that can prevent one from using such accidents to cover up for a poor strategy.

If one draws analogy from a video game, technical difficulties are somewhat of a bonus pick up that can be used to get out of a situation whenever one has bitten off more than they could chew. However, be it B2B appointment setting or video games, such situations are categorized under certain segments. It could be rare that one had to experience this kind of an incident like the phone line getting cut, but then that’s not something one experiences on a regular basis. The second segment is a list of identifiable errors. Truth be told, there’s a fine line between coincidences and a constant rate of mistakes. And the latter is what gets clients really upset. And lastly, if the issue is constantly coming up, clients expect the company in question to resolve it ASAP, not use it as a shield.


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