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B2B Appointment Setting: How To Get Better Results (Contd.)

The next point for more effective B2B appointment setting refers to be as organized as possible. And the best way to do this is to set the agendas ahead of time, so that one knows what the specific goals that need to be achieved are. Accordingly, one can formulate strategies to achieve the same. Essentially, it’s like going on a treasure hunt, for the lack of a better example. One needs to have a map to be successful!

Another important aspect when one talks about B2B appointment setting is to qualify prospects. For many, this is the make or break deal. But the important thing to remember here is that just because a prospect does not require a product or service right now does not mean that it’s a dead end. Particularly in cases where substantially high revenues are involved, one needs to think long term and park the prospect’s contact details and requirements for future references. Also, allowing the other person to let his/her guard down is very important, and that can only be done by giving the prospect the confidence that he can trust the caller. This seemingly trivial tactic can have tremendous impact on the revenues.

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