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B2B appointment setting: How to seal the deal (contd.)
B2B appointment setting

B2B appointment setting

The next point in successful B2B appointment setting is to ensure that one asks the right questions. The ideal scenario is when one asks direct questions, but one also needs to give the prospect a chance to choose between the opportunities of setting up an appointment. For instance, one can say “is Friday morning ok with you, or should we do it on Monday?” This way, one can keep the conversation flowing and ensure that there are no problems with regards to controlling the direction in which the discussion is going. Also, it gives a hint of whether or not one can influence the other person’s decisions.

Setting up an early appointment is another great tactic used by B2B appointment setting professionals to get their way around things. It’s tantamount to making the most of what one has at that point in time. Since one already has the prospect’s interest, it’s best to utilize it in the best possible manner. Ideally, the maximum interval between a call and the appointment setting date is three days. Setting an appointment after a week will lead to the person losing interest, or just forgetting all about it, which is certainly a chance nobody wants to take.


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