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B2B Appointment Setting: sealing the deal

Success in one’s endeavors in the field of B2B appointment setting is often based on building a solid rapport with prospects, and this can only be made possible if one has a good script in place. True, there’s no replacement of spontaneity in a telephonic conversation, but one can only go so far with eloquent words that don’t have a purpose or don’t adhere to a structure. There needs to be a certain level of flexibility, but a script is needed in any case, ideally prepared by an experienced executive who has ‘been there, done that’, so that all the possible responses can be addressed.

Also, once the appointment has been set, that’s only half the job done. Agreed that it was the hard part, but still, the job is not done till the prospect is sitting across the table. Hence, following up is almost as important as B2B appointment setting, without getting too anxious, of course. The trick is to strike the right balance between making a confirmatory call (or sending a confirmatory mail, although calling is always better) and sounding very eager to close the deal. Once this final step has been completed to perfection, the target would most certainly be achieved!


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