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B2B Appointment Setting: What’s with The Image! (Contd.)

Continuing from the previous post…

Prospects that may feel turned off by the image projected in front of them, so to speak, would in all likelihood not have been suitable leads for B2B appointment setting. So, it’s actually a good thing that instead of the firm having to go to the trouble of sorting out which leads are worth pursuing, this self-filtration takes place right at the onset. Also, by establishing a brand image right at the beginning, a firm comes off as a robust entity that cements the standards that it’s willing to live up to. Call it practicing what you preach, but it’s a quality many admire.

True, there may be situations when one would have to go the extra mile to ensure what was promised is delivered, but even if mistakes are made in the process, it’s better to own up to them rather than cover up. And lastly, this approach builds trust between the firm and the current & prospective clients, which builds the foundation of a long lasting business relationship. Essentially, it’s not just about fixing an appointment. One needs to look at the long term implications as well. Only then will the entire exercise be successful.

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