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B2B lead generation : Are you going off target? (contd.)
B2B lead generation,B2B lead generation in india

B2B lead generation,B2B lead generation in india

Continuing from the previous post…

By developing lead personas, firms can identify the triggers that move prospects from a lead persona to a buyer persona. One of the most important aspects of this approach is that one has the ability to tailor buyer and lead personas so that they fit the requirements of lead nurturing teams as well as B2B lead generation and sales teams.

Designing the B2B lead generation process, strategies and systems around buyers is the next point to be considered. One must focus on modeling their behaviors when the leads are being nurtured or when they go into the buying cycle. One is sure to get better results when buyer expectations and goals are met. These can be very different in lead nurturing and buying cycles. Conversion rates at the point in time when a lead (persona) converts into a buyer (persona) will also increase. And lastly, one needs to make conversation enablement training a mandate for b2b lead generation and lead nurturing teams. The long period it takes lead generation teams to understand prospects is not in line with the speed at which buying behavior is changing, and this problem needs attention!


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