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B2B telemarketing: Starting off on the right foot
B2b telemarketing,B2B telemarketing in india

B2b telemarketing,B2B telemarketing in india

It’s no secret that B2B telemarketing has garnered a lot of negative reviews, primarily because of the fact that so many businesses have misused it. The leverage this means once had is long gone now, and there are many factors to blame. But this post is not about going into what’s wrong with the industry, but about how things can be improved.

To begin with, the B2B telemarketing team needs to have an accurate list of contacts to get in touch with. Quite frankly, nobody has the time to answer irrelevant calls, and going the extra mile to get relevant data certainly helps in easing out the process of converting prospects into leads, and finally, into customers. Another point to be taken care of here is that data needs to be fresh and updated, because old data is as good as irrelevant data. Or probably even worse. Since the person one is calling may have changed numbers. This means that all the time and resources wasted on such kind of endeavors is going to be little more than a waste of time.

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