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Sales lead generation: Why webinars (contd.)
Inside Sales Outsourcing, Inside Sales Outsourcing in india

Inside Sales Outsourcing, Inside Sales Outsourcing in india

The kind of content one presents in the webinar needs to be of high quality, because simply rehashing old, tried and tested knowledge into an attractive format is not going to get the sales lead generation campaign anywhere. So, it’s not always guaranteed that just by hosting webinars, a company will drive success. There’s a significantly high chance that the response would not be as high as expected. Hence, it’s important to understand that the sales and marketing team need to properly strategize the kind of topics that would be spoken about in the webinar.

To enhance sales lead generation, webinars basically need to provide more value to the people who are going to be viewing or participating in them, otherwise it’s just a waste of time and resources from the provider’s as well as the recipient’s side. Also, industry insights that have been thoroughly researched are a very effective means of getting the attention of the attendees, and can also be used in promotional emails that are used to inform people of the occurrence of the webinar. And lastly, the duration of the webinar is of paramount importance, since it should be short and fast=paced to hold the interest of the attendee, but also long enough to cover the topic.


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