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Lead Generation
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Often, it so happens that the most seemingly trivial of phenomenon can result in great insight towards some of the most complicated problems and challenges one is facing. For instance, if one talks about a customer service centre, many situations, and the manner in which the helpdesk agents tackle the same, are brilliant strategies that can be used in small business lead generation.

One of the most often instances at a service centre is when a customer can’t figure out a way to run a device. The most obvious response in such a situation is to ask what did the person do last, before the device began acting strange. To this, the most obvious response is ‘nothing’ along with a very cynic tone which demands more respect. So, not only has the customer made it clear that he/she knows how to operate the machine, he/she is also on the back foot. A similar situation arises during small business lead generation, i.e., if one asks too many questions that question the other person’s skill or intelligence, the results can’t be fruitful. Instead, it’s best to ask a lot of encouraging questions which might take longer to come to the point, but at least there is no risk of losing business by offending the other person.


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