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Social Media
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Social e-tiquettes are big on the internet these days, owing to the immense popularity of social networking websites like Facebook. That being said, organizations are also hopping on to the bandwagon to promote themselves. First mover advantages set aside, being active on social media is a prerogative, more so a mandate, for business across geographic locations and domains. The client wants a more personal interaction with the brand. Quite frankly, it’s like the next level of communication after e-mail and tele-conferencing.

B2B lead generation,  B2B lead generation in india

B2B lead generation, B2B lead generation in india

So, while retail establishments are certainly going all gung-ho about this new means for B2B lead generation, companies that are in other domains also need to establish a robust presence on social media, since it’s a great (and cost effective) channel to promote themselves and modify their positioning as and when the need arises. Social media has the potential to radically change perceptions, swinging them either ways. And the best part is, companies can easily map reactions from their target audience and do something about it in real time, rather than waiting for a strategy to be formulated and put into action. It’s like an untapped intensive research tool that can work wonders for all kinds of businesses – all that is needed is a start!


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