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Continuing on the previous post, following are the rest of the tactics to sell anything to anybody:

The Numbers Game: There is an alarmingly prevalent concept in sales which says that if you can get in front of enough people and portray your product as a power-packed offering with loads of features, you will eventually get a buyer. Nothing can be farther from the truth! This is also something many companies do as far as their e-mail marketing strategy is concerned, i.e., send out spam mails to a large e-mail list, hoping to get at least a few click-throughs. However, the sales world does not work like that, although it might be undertaken as a trial and error procedure as long as one can sustain the costs of such ‘mock pitches’, as one would call it. For better results, however, it is essential to focus on quality.
Understand the primary motive:When a product is presented in front of a client, no doubt he would want to save money in the long run. However, that is not the only objective, otherwise innovation would have ceased to exist. Different clients have different needs, and it’s hazardous to think otherwise. Many sales pitches fall flat right from the first word because they begin on the wrong note. Thus, it is extremely important to know what your client wants.

How is your product different for the client: Going ahead from the previous point, every company projects its product as being different from the other, and that is extremely necessary as well. However, there are two sides to the coin, and one needs to know how the product is different from the competition from the customer’s viewpoint. If the differences don’t make much of a difference to the client, frankly speaking, he couldn’t care less!
Happy selling, everyone!
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Irrespective of the size of your business, or the domain you operate in, selling is critical to business success. Now, there is no sure-shot formula for success in sales since there is no manual that can teach the important aspects of making a sale successfully, but you can certainly learn from experienced professionals who have been there, done that. So here it is, from the intellect-o-sphere of The Global Associates, 5 concepts to keep in mind while selling just about anything:

People-centric approach: Brands comprise of people, so it’s essential to prepare the sales pitch keeping in mind the fact that you would be presenting your product or idea to a human being. Sure, understanding the brand is one part of the deal, but knowing the dynamics of the people you are going to pitch to, also goes a long way in creating the right kind of impact. For instance, people in a smaller enterprise will be more open to revolutionary ideas, while those in larger outfits would have stringent guidelines to adhere to. Hence, prepare your sales pitch accordingly.

Process… Process… Process: Regardless of how much sales gurus emphasize on the importance of adhering to a process, salespersons often tend to go ‘with their gut instinct’, trying out ‘unorthodox’ tactics, and in the end, failing miserably! Even a cold call requires thorough research of the prospective client’s business model and the market scenario in his domain, so that the product can be positioned as something that will benefit him.
Due to paucity of space, and in the interest of not boring you, we shall disclose the next three points in our next post!
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