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2 Components Of Appointment Setting: B2B Appointment Setting Services

By September 15, 2015No Comments

Most organizations depend heavily on the expertise of  The Global Associates B2B Appointment Setting Services to give them quality appointments in this era of specialization. The usefulness of B2B appointment setting services is, however, a matter of debate among the experts. While some believe that these specialized services have the expertise to help their clients get better sales opportunities and thus boost their business; some others doubt the quality of appointments brought in by these services. These appointments do not give the expected value to the clients according to these experts.

B2B appointment setting

The basic concept of appointment setting:

It’s important to understand the basic fundamental of appointment setting before expecting the desired results from B2B appointment setting services. Appointment setting does not create opportunities; however, it’s the first step towards ascertaining if an opportunity exists. It offers a chance to you to come face to face with the decision makers, to empathize with them and know about their issues and pain points and to present your viewpoints and possible solutions. So what is appointment setting all about?

• About activity, not opportunities:

Appointment setting is not about opportunities, it’s about activity. The experienced lead generators understand that opportunities aren’t created; they already exist waiting to be uncovered. Appointment setting is just one important step towards uncovering the existing opportunities by getting in touch with the right prospects.

• Need is the mother of opportunities:

Sales people often have a misconception that a proficient sales rep can convince just about any prospect to buy from them. However, unless need exists, no prospect will convert to a buyer, notwithstanding the proficiency of the sales rep. The sales process will move forward only when you are able to establish that you have the expertise to alleviate the pain of the prospect.
Let us now discuss the basic components of successful appointment setting. One may adopt different strategies depending on the industry and work ethics, but two components are essential for effective appointment setting.

• Flawless contact list:

An error-free, accurate contact list with details about all the decision makers you want to get in touch with is absolutely indispensable. B2B appointment setting services just cannot hope to succeed with a contact list that has errors, flaws and inconsistencies; this would only waste time and lead to frustration.

• A dedicated, proficient team:

A team of proficient, dedicated sales persons who constantly strive to reach the right decision makers is the backbone of any appointment setting agency. The sales process starts only when your sales team works proactively. No conversation can begin until a sales person picks up the phone and dials the number. Consequently, there won’t be any appointment setting or any sales lead qualification either if there is not a proactive effort from your team.
It’s necessary to judge the proficiency and work ethics of B2B appointment setting services before you hire them. Remember, your own success depends on the success rate of your appointment setter.

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