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2 Different Approaches B2B Demand Generation Companies Can Adopt For Writing Proposals In 2022

By January 6, 2022June 24th, 2022No Comments

Reputed B2B demand generation companies like The Global Associates know the value of writing and presenting sales proposals to convey the salient features of their solution to the customers in order to make their campaigns successful in the year 2022

This is a great opportunity for B2B demand generation companies to demonstrate the suitability of their product/ service/ solution; however, one must follow a thorough process before going ahead and sharing their proposals with the customer. It becomes necessary to do thorough research about the prospect to know them inside-out in order to prepare a customized solution for them.

B2B Demand Generation Companies

Two diametrically opposite approaches:B2B demand generation companies use two diabolically opposite approaches to win their customers over a machine gun approach and a rifle approach. Following is a brief discussion on these approaches and their salient features.

  • A Machine gun approach: High energy activity

Most lead generators tend to adopt a high-energy approach in an effort to pump in fresh leads in a heap. This approach, called a machine gun approach, involves firing proposals in all directions without any specific strategy or target. Naturally, you connect some and miss some. 

There’s a need to create more and more opportunities to achieve your target in this case. This is not a very effective approach since you lose time, effort, and resources. 

  • A rifle approach: A specific target group

A rifle approach involves choosing the target group carefully and writing customized proposals for them. A thorough research is conducted regarding their needs and main issues before writing the proposal. The customer’s needs and requirements are your first priority. This helps you develop a customized solution for them before meeting them. This approach can sometimes take a long time before yielding the desired results.

Both the approaches have their positive and negative aspects, but usually, a rifle approach proves more beneficial for B2B demand generation companies, it saves them time, resources, and money. Targeting specific customers and systematically developing customized solutions for them helps you improve your closing ratios.

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