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Top Lead Generation Companies

2 Different Approaches Top Lead Generation Companies Can Adopt For Writing Proposals

Top lead generation companies like The Global Associates rely on writing and presenting sales proposals to convey the salient features of their solution to the customers. This is an opportunity for top lead generation companies to show the suitability of their product/ service/ solution; however, it’s imperative to do a thorough research and know about the prospect’s requirements and pain points before making a proposal.

Top Lead Generation Companies
Two diabolically opposite approaches are usually adopted by the lead generators to woo their customers- a machine gun approach and a rifle approach. Following is a brief discussion on these approaches and their salient features:

  • A Machine gun approach

Top lead generation companies often tend to adopt a high-energy approach in an effort to pump in fresh leads in a heap. This approach is called a machine gun approach. It involves firing proposals in all directions without any specific strategy or target. You connect some, and miss some, and need to create more and more opportunities to achieve your target. As a result, you lose time, effort and resources.

  • A rifle approach

A rifle approach is about choosing your prospects carefully and writing customized proposals for them. You do a thorough research regarding their needs and main issues before sitting on your drafting table. Your first priority is the needs and requirements of the customer. The main advantage here is that you already know the client inside-out before coming face to face with them, and can develop customized solutions to suit their specific needs.

A rifle approach is always best suited for top lead generation companies and saves them time, resources and money. You can improve your closing ratios by targeting specific customers and working hard to customize your proposals for their specific requirements.