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B2B Lead Generation

2 Different Ways You Can Customize Your Proposals For Boosting B2B Lead Generation

By September 14, 2018No Comments
B2B Lead Generation

2 Different Ways You Can Customize Your Proposals For Boosting B2B Lead Generation

Writing proposals to be presented to the prospects is an integral part of the process of The Global Associates B2B Lead Generation, it demonstrates the seriousness of the customer about buying from you. A proposal is prepared by the B2B lead generation agency with the view to educate the client about the salient features of the product or service being offered by them. Two diametrically opposite approaches are usually adopted by the sales people to customize their proposals; these approaches are discussed below along with their advantages and disadvantages.

  • A machine gun approach:

Sales people often adopt a high-energy approach firing proposals in all directions without any specific targets. This approach is called a machine gun approach that brings you quantity but very often poor quality. One is likely to miss many of these opportunities since these proposals are not customized according to a customer’s needs. You of course get good quantity pumping in countless fresh leads into your sales pipeline, and then the mad rush to write proposals begins. You need a clear strategy to make the approach work.

  • A rifle approach:

Most sales pundits suggest that you should have your customer’s needs as your priority while writing a sales proposal. It’s essential to research their issues and requirements before you prepare a proposal, that’s the only way you can customize it as per their demand. This is called a rifle approach; you frame a set of pointed questions to elicit the needed information in an effort to enhance B2B lead generation. This may be time consuming but it’s worth your time and effort. This approach is always best suited if you want to focus on specific customers and form sustainable business relationships.

The best strategy for boosting B2B lead generation is to target specific customers and try to customize the proposals according to their main issues and requirements. You would rather adopt a rifle approach than a machine gun approach for better success.

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