2 Most Effective B2B Lead Generation Methods For Ensuring Excellent Results In 2023

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The B2B lead generation process is vital for identifying the prospective buyers of your products or services and turning them into qualified leads to ensure your organization’s business growth. The post discusses two powerful B2B lead generation methods to ensure excellent results.

Top B2B lead generation companies like The Global Associates, realizing that the process is fundamental to the success of a business, employ effective tools and methods to ensure excellent results in the year 2022. B2B lead generation companies are responsible to perform the important job of identifying and qualifying potential customers for your business, it’s important to build credibility with people who would likely find value from using your products or services.

The process goes through different stages like approaching prospective buyers, qualifying leads, making proposals, and getting appointments from the decision makers for close discussions with the sales teams.

B2B lead generation is all about creating quality B2B sales leads; different tools and techniques are employed to make your effort more effective and result-oriented. This post will discuss two main lead generation ways- inbound lead generation and outbound lead generation; but to begin with, there are primarily two types of B2B sales leads:

a) Marketing-qualified leads or MQLs:

MQLs have targeted leads that are likely to become paying customers with little effort. You identify these leads on the basis of their engagement with the marketing team, such as-

  • Prospects frequently visit a page on the company website
  • People willing to fill a form (or multiple forms) on your website
  • Visitors downloading certain content displayed on the company website
  • Those showing keen interest in attending your company’s event or webinar 

b) Sales-qualified leads or SQLs:

SQLs are MQLs having progressed through the funnel and are considered ready for engagement with the sales team. A lead must show clear intent to buy from you in certain ways to be categorized as engagement-ready, such as-

  • A telephone conversation with your sales rep
  • Via communication through an email stating their intent to use your product or service
  • Making a request through some channel to know more about your products
  • Showing interest in a demo of your product

B2B Lead Generation Methods

Effective B2B lead generation methods in India:

We can categorize B2B leads based on how they are generated –

  • Inbound leads, and
  • Outbound leads

Following is a brief discussion on the similarities and differences between inbound lead generation and outbound lead generation, their comparative benefits, and ways lead generation services can employ them to make their lead generation campaign more successful.

Here are the main differences between the two methods.

  • A major difference between the two is that while inbound lead generation is basically ‘pull’ marketing, outbound marketing can be termed as ‘push’ marketing.
  • As a part of inbound lead generation, prospects are encouraged to reach out to you for more information. This could be in the form of asking for demos or making purchases. The objective is to pull leads to your website.
  • On the other hand, outbound lead generation involves reaching out to customers, through channels like advertising, emails, phone calls, etc. This is basically about pushing out your brand to the customers.
  • Prospect’s permission is sought to interact with you in inbound lead generation, therefore, it’s also described as ‘permission marketing. However, you go directly to the customers in outbound lead generation, thus it is also called ‘interruption marketing.

Main characteristics of the two methods:

Inbound lead generation:

  • You strive to educate the prospects about your offerings 
  • You encourage the customers to interact with you proactively
  • You appeal to the customers by offering unique, valuable content
  • Your request for the customer’s permission to interact with them
Outbound lead generation:
  • You try selling your product or service proactively to the customer
  • Basically, one-way communication is employed with the prospects
  • You have a budget for investing money in advertising and other means to attract leads
  • You plan regular messages to cause interruption

Effective Inbound lead generation techniques:

As far as inbound lead generation is concerned, the customer is able to choose the time and place of interaction. These leads have a higher success rate and shorter sales cycles. The following techniques can be adopted by B2B lead generation companies for good results:

  • Search engine optimization SEO
  • Well-researched content marketing
  • Effective use of social media platforms
  • Email marketing

Effective Outbound lead generation techniques:

Outbound marketing involves one-way communication and it’s used for big-ticket products. You often don’t get positive responses since you are causing interruptions in the routine life of the decision-makers. The success rate is comparatively low and sales cycles longer, it is still best suited for long-term engagement and targeted audience. Some of the most effective techniques that can be adopted by lead generation services are as follows:

  • Contact syndication on multiple influential platforms 
  • Promotion through social media and social contacts
  • Employing techniques like cold calling and cold emailing
  • Paid advertising and campaign marketing

Generating quality leads for your business is the primary goal of both inbound and outbound marketing. Lead generation companies must understand and segment prospects and leads within their target market while using either of these methods.

You can use both inbound and outbound lead generation measures to make your B2B lead generation effort more effective. The two can be mixed to achieve excellent results and grow your company’s business exponentially.

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