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2 Sales Drivers That Decide The Fate Of B2B Lead Generation Services

The Global Associates B2B lead generation Services constantly strive to generate quality leads in order to help their clients grow their business. The business environment has undergone a metamorphosis during the past few decades with a lot of new technologies and novel strategies replacing the older techniques; however, B2B lead generation services should not overlook the fact that the sales cycle cannot begin if the basic drivers for sales leads do not exist.



Drivers for sales leads:

Two basic drivers for any sales lead remain the same no matter which industry you are in or what strategies or technologies you embrace. These drivers are: pain and motivation. Let us discuss in brief the significance of these drivers.

  • Pain:

No sales leads can exist in the absence of pain. To generate a quality lead, B2B lead generation services should research the prospect’s organization to come up with their pain points; in some cases, the customers themselves become aware of their pain. It’s important to keep your eyes open to the changing business environment and do your homework thoroughly if your endeavor is to uncover promising sales leads. These changes always create new business opportunities that wait to be grabbed by alert sales people. Expansions or diversions, new launches or modifications, facility shifting or other such changes can open up a whole new world of possibilities but one must be alert enough to grab them.

  • Motivation:

The existence of pain does not always guarantee a deal; a customer can live with their pain for years if they lack motivation to get rid of their pain. You can only present a solution for a prospect’s problems, but it’s often difficult to take them forward unless you know the art of motivating them. Such leads are likely to stay in the sales purgatory for an indefinite period of time. It’s necessary to judge the motivation level of a customer that depends on several factors, otherwise a lot of time and effort could go waste.

B2B lead generation services can help their clients grow their business exponentially if they are aware of the basic sales drivers and know how to use them to qualify a sales lead. If both the drivers are present, it’s easy to close a lead into a deal.

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