2 Types Of Leads Lead Generation Services Can Target For Improved Results

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Reputed sales organizations providing lead generation services like The Global Associates constantly strive to find the sources of quality business leads and harvest them for the best possible results. There are primarily two types of sources of quality leads for which lead generation services providers can look for in order to keep pumping in fresh leads into the sales pipeline. These are:Leads Lead Generation Services


  • Dormant leads:Leads laying dormant within an organization, waiting to be harvested by smart salespeople. They exist because every organization has scope for improvement; they have some problems, issues, and challenges that need to be sorted out.

You can tap these leads by offering better, more efficient and cheaper ways of performing a company’s functions. Show them that you can help them in reducing headcount and enhancing their profit margins. Give them customized solutions to alleviate their problems.

  • Ready (low-hanging fruits) leads:One must keep track of forces of business change which create leads that are more striking, more obvious. Some of these scenarios could be companies expanding or relocating; products being launch or re-launch; new industries being coming into existence; and so on.

Readymade leads are generated because of internal changes within an organization; these changes create a whole lot of sales leads waiting for a smart sales rep to come and grab them. Be alert and competitive, don’t miss these golden opportunities, and your results will improve dramatically.

The differences in nature and characteristics of the two types of leads should be understood by providers of lead generation services to take full advantage of them. It’s not uncommon for both these to exist and co-exist within an organization; adopt different types of strategies to tap them.

Lead generation services must try and unearth dormant sales leads while still being alert to the situations that give rise to the low-hanging fruits. Taking the best out of both worlds will help you improve your sales results and reach greater heights.

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