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2 Ways Telesales Companies Can Make Cold Calls Warmer And Friendlier

Cold calling can still be a very potent tool for top telesales companies like The Global Associates in this cyber age. The age-old tool allows telesales companies to get in touch with the prospective buyers and convince them about their utility for them, if employed with proper planning and clarity of purpose. Quite astonishingly, cold calling is hated, not only by the decision makers, but by sales people as well despite its effectiveness. Today’s decision makers are extremely busy, they develop a natural aversion for unsolicited calls, it’s necessary to try something novel to make this tool more  appealing and effective in the present scenario.

Telesales Companies
Telesales companies
must approach more and more decision makers and convince them about buying from them in order to grow rapidly. However, the decision makers hate to lose time during their productive hours and put up layers of call screeners around, making it very difficult for the sales reps to approach them. One must make them feel comfortable and allay their suspicions and apprehensions  by making their cold calls warmer and friendlier; following are a few tips for doing it perfectly.

  • Acting like a problem solver

Aggressive selling tactics don’t work any longer, it’s not wise to push the customer too hard. Change your approach, start thinking and acting like a problem solver interested in helping the clients solve their issues. Always do your homework before making a call to be well aware of their issues and pain points. Show your good intent and try to build credibility.

  • Create interest

They won’t listen to you to the end unless you can keep them interested. Offer something worthwhile for them to persuade them to keep in regular touch with you. Add value if you want them to invest time dealing with you.

The success rate of telesales companies is determined by the success rate of the cold calls. Make your calls warmer and friendlier to make the customer feel more comfortable conversing with you in order to successfully take the sales process forward.

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