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2 Ways You Can Customize Your Proposals To Boost B2B Lead Generation

Top lead generation companies like The Global Associates need to write customized proposals for the prospects in their effort to effectively maximize B2B lead generation. This is done with the aim to make the client aware of the salient features of your product or service; an essential step to make your B2B lead generation campaign successful. Two diametrically opposite approaches are usually adopted by the salespeople to customize their proposals.

B2B Lead Generation
Let us discuss these two approaches with their advantages and disadvantages.

  • A machine-gun approach:

Most salespeople adopt a high-energy approach for their B2B lead generation program that involves firing proposals aimlessly in all directions. Since you have no specific targets, you tend to miss most of these opportunities. This is called a machine gun approach, which involves pumping in countless fresh leads into your sales pipeline and then writing proposals in a mad rush to meet your deadlines.

  • A rifle approach:

As is evident, a machine-gun approach is often not very successful as it lacks specific details regarding the specific needs and requirements of the customer. One must do their homework by researching the needs and main issues of the client organization before presenting their proposal. It’s helpful to frame a set of pointed questions to elicit the needed information from the client. This approach, called a rifle approach, is time-consuming, no doubt, but it allows you to customize your solutions to suit the customer’s needs. There is more likelihood of the prospect seeing your point and awarding the deal to you. It also helps you develop sustainable, long-lasting business relationships with your customers.

You can adopt one of the two approaches mentioned above for writing your proposals as a part of your B2B lead generation campaign. A rifle approach targets specific customers and their needs and requirements and is, therefore, more successful than a machine-gun approach that involves writing proposals in a hurry to shoot them all around without any specific targets.