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3 B2B Demand Generation Examples for 2023 to Create Brand Awareness

A good demand-generation strategy can play a vital role in building brand awareness, increasing traffic, and creating interest in your products or services. The post discusses 3 B2B demand-generation examples to help you create a well-defined sales pipeline for your organization.

B2B demand generation companies like The Global Associates shoulder the massive responsibility of building brand awareness, creating interest in your products or services, and increasing traffic to your websites in the year 2022 and beyond. A predictable pipeline is created for the sales team to take over and convert them into sustainable customers by experienced B2B demand generation companies through innovative methods and strategies.

Experience shows that different methods, including search engine optimization SEO, however effective, can take you only up to a certain point, and no further. You must convert curiosity into customers to grow your business. A potent tool for creating a healthy pipeline of quality leads, B2B demand generation, involves strategies for generating awareness and demand for your products or services using well-planned methods.

Demand generation companies strive hard to achieve several objectives like creating demand and awareness for your products/ services by expanding your audience, generating urgency, and demonstrating in clear terms their benefits to encourage interested prospects to make up their minds to buy from you. The process begins with attracting the target audience to approach you to be a part of finding solutions to their problems.

Demand generation methods are subsequently employed to prompt the audience to take actions like downloading your published content, attending the webinars and other events organized by your company, and showing a keen interest in purchasing and using your products or services. Nurturing and engaging the prospects, and improving awareness about your brand is the objective of B2B demand generation marketing.

The aim is to help the prospect move through the initial stages of this journey to convert them into leads. A well-planned sales pitch is then employed to turn them into new customers.

How are demand generation and lead generation different:

There is often a misconception that demand gen and lead gen are two names for the same process. Demand generation is the process of increasing your audience base by attracting new visitors to your website. The objective of the process is to give the prospects an idea about your products or services. Lead generation, on the other hand, is about converting your audience into qualified leads. Demand generation thus builds awareness and develops an interest in your offerings to increase customers’ level of motivation to feed into lead generation.

3 B2B Demand Generation Examples for 2023:

3 B2B Demand Generation Examples

Generating demand is not an automatic process, B2B demand generation companies must make a concerted effort to achieve the seemingly difficult objective. In addition, the demand generation process may be different for every unique business and every unique organization. It’s important to identify a common basis, and the right approach that suits one’s organization must be adopted. Following is a brief discussion of some of the most effective demand-generation examples.

1. Free offerings for the prospects:

Anywhere in the world, people are always excited about getting something for free.  Incentives in the form of something to be downloaded for free will always attract more traffic to your website. This offering goes a long way in building trust with the prospects and giving them a good idea about what you have to offer in real time. They also get a good insight into the quality of your product/ service and the credibility of your organization in the industry. The information enables them to make informed purchasing decisions.

2. Social media marketing:

In the earlier days, social media wasn’t considered a great marketing tool. However, at present more than eighty percent of the companies use the platform extensively to engage well with customers., It has become a necessity for all businesses across the board now, allowing you to be engaging with prospective and existing customers in real time. Your executives can instantly clear their doubts and apprehensions to brighten your prospects. Social media platforms allow you to reach out to your target audience in a friendly manner to catch their attention and stay in constant touch with them.

3. Email marketing:

Email marketing is a tried and tested marketing tool that remains relevant for demand-generation companies even in this era of online marketing methods. You should try it in innovative ways to make it authentic and effective. It’s necessary to offer value to the customer, and not pester them with irrelevant stuff. Make it a point instead to show them what they want to see, sending the right message to the right audience at appropriate intervals. You must customize your emails to provide the required information only to the prospects. Telling them about your products/ services is essential, no doubt, but focus primarily on increasing their interest in the specific items.

A galaxy of 3 B2B demand generation examples can be chosen to arouse the interest of a prospect to turn them into qualified leads depending on their preferences and requirements. You would do well by going for a combination of the methods and building your sales funnel accordingly since different examples can work better for different stages of the funnel.


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