3 B2B Demand Generation Trends to Improve Business Prospects

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A top-of-the-sales funnel activity, B2B demand generation is employed to drive brand awareness and increase interest in your product or service in the B2B segment. The post talks about some top 3 B2B demand generation trends to help you effectively create awareness and identify promising opportunities.

Top B2B demand generation companies like The Global Associates adopt an integrated marketing approach for effectively building brand awareness and creating interest in your offerings in the B2B marketplace. It’s a practice in the year 2023 for the marketing teams to pick multiple channels and work simultaneously on them for B2B demand generation companies to run successful campaigns. This leads to the creation of quality opportunities for the sales teams. 

Well-coordinated effort:

Different departments in the marketing team work with different objectives. They must work collaboratively on multiple channels to achieve the organization’s goals. Demand generation companies can, for example, designate one of the teams to work on organizing high-profile B2B trade shows. At the same time, another team can proactively work to create brand awareness by engaging with PR agencies. 

Effective strategies:

It’s important to realize that working with local and global partners for creating quality leads through different strategies is a norm today. Creating new assets like eBooks and research papers to attract targeted audiences is one of the effective demand-generation strategies at present. You can successfully direct increased traffic to your website using this strategy. 

A combined effort is thus necessary to create interest in your product or service, which allows the lead generation team to take over and turn this interest into qualified leads.

Jobs performed by B2B demand generation:

Demand generation companies perform the critical role of accelerating business growth. The marketplace is extremely saturated at local and global levels now making it tough for everyone, the experienced campaigners as well as the start-ups. 

A well-thought-out demand generation program:

You need a well-thought-out, well-executed demand generation program to make a place of your own. It won’t be possible to start earning profits without having the right demand generation strategy in place. If you cannot engage prospects well, you will vanish before it’s too late. Relying fully on your sales teams and organic methods to attract customers is not advisable since it mostly results in slow business growth for the organization.

Reference cases hold the key!

Don’t undermine the importance of reference cases in B2B. The number of reference cases is of course proportional to the number of customers you have. This is a powerful tool that helps you attract new prospects and generate demand. You become more trustworthy if the person referring you to them is a trusted, well-known quantity. 

B2B demand generation companies formulate effective methods to generate awareness and interest for your company at a much faster pace. You can thus acquire more customers, and in turn, more reference cases.

Stimulating demand through messaging:

Demand-generation companies must focus on stimulating demand by sending the right message to the right audience at the right time. Identify the appropriate channels and target communicating the business value of your offerings. You must make sure your message is reaching the target audience without delay. Webinars, advertising, ABM, PR, events, etc. can be some good channels. 

This approach is called integrated marketing communication. The aim is to avoid confusion. The focus is on delivering a consistent message across different channels. You will therefore be in regular touch with the target audience to create quality leads.

The point to be noted here is that different decision-makers and influencers might require different messages to catch their attention. This makes B2B demand generation a somewhat tricky proposition. Developing a deep understanding of the target audience and finding the right channels and the right messaging is vital for making effective demand-generation strategies.

Top 3 B2B demand generation trends:

B2B Demand Generation Trends

Following are some top demand generation trends. The basis will be reliable marketing data. Only then you can take important strategic campaign decisions and target individuals according to their demands.

1. Intent-based marketing:

Identifying prospects whose online behavior indicates purchase intentions allows you to direct marketing campaigns at them. Thoroughly analyze B2B intent data to understand their preferences. This is an important step to take correct campaign decisions and make demand generation more result-oriented.

2. Programmatic Advertising:

Programmatic Advertising is a great concept that enables you to dynamically serve ads depending on who is viewing the advertisement. The new phenomenon of automation makes it real-time, thus helping You achieve heavy personalization. This, in turn, results in high-performing ad campaigns.

3. Account-based marketing (ABM):

account-based marketing is a recent trend that brings great results. You can adopt three approaches:

  • Machine gun approach: It involves targeting your full target audience, employing mostly digital campaigns.
  • Rifle approach: This involves reaching out to specific target industries and individuals through your campaigns, like concrete product manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, retailers, and so on. 
  • 1-1 approach: This involves identifying specific target accounts and designing campaigns for them. This is the most resource-intensive approach. You must identify accounts with the largest possibility to turn into solid leads justifying the extra investment.
About The Global Associates (TGA):

The Global Associates offers expert, Premium B2B lead generation and B2B demand generation solutions. You can ensure increased productivity of your sales team and sustainable revenue generation working with us. Our team of experienced sales and marketing professionals uses a strategic 360º approach that relies on Account Based Marketing (ABM). The Global Associates arms you with the right strategy, technology, and operations to engage well with your target audience!  We offer specialized services like automated Drip Emails, scalable and technologically advanced platforms for marketing automation, direct Email marketing, hyper-personalized Emails to maximize impact, LinkedIn outreach, and conversational marketing.

Hire reputed B2B demand generation companies to successfully create brand awareness and generate interest in your products or services. A good combination of demand generation and lead generation processes can ensure healthy growth for the organization. Take advantage of above mentioned top demand generation trends to make your campaign more effective and result-oriented.

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