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3 Challenges Demand Generation Services Face In Present-day Business Scenario

Top companies offering demand generation services like The Global Associates face a lot of challenges in this era of extremely busy decision makers and ever-intensifying global competition. A lead failing to go beyond even the first call is often a big cause of concern for demand generation services providers since it’s already a challenge to approach the top executives who have a premium on their time today. It’s necessary to realize that the first few seconds of a cold call are mighty important; the prospect can shut you off right there and then if you don’t get it right. You must identify the possible reasons the prospects stop communicating and find ways to take the sales process towards deal closing.
Demand Generation ServicesSome major factors that may stop you from bagging a deal out of the leads at hand are discussed below.

  • Extremely busy decision makers

The progress of demand generation services is greatly hampered by the busy schedule of the top executives of the day. These business leaders have to fight a thousand fires of their own each day, you naturally come way down on their priority list. Respect their time, keep your call short and precise if you want them to hear you till the end.

  • Convincing them about your utility

One of the greatest challenges is to create enough interest for them to engage with you. Always have something substantial and hone your presentation skills to attract their attention. They will go on listening if you can keep them interested with your offer.

  • Judging their level of motivation

You must gauge the level of motivation on customer’s part before investing too much time. They might go on living with their problems for an indefinite time period unless they really want to do something about it. You would be wasting your time and effort if they lack the motivation to solve their problem.

The job performed by demand generation services professionals has become very tough and challenging as today’s decision makers put up layers of doorkeepers and call screeners to prevent the sales reps from reaching them. It’s important to identify the main challenges and find ways to overcome them in order to run successful lead generation campaigns.

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