3 Elements Of Good Data For Telemarketing Companies In India

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3 Elements Of Good Data For Telemarketing Companies India


The Global Associates Telemarketing Companies In India perform the unenviable task of reaching out to the prospective clients, sometimes complete strangers, to generate business and also to send invites for company events, seminars and meetings etc. It gets very difficult for telemarketing companies in India to operate smoothly without having a flawless database. It’s imperative for these vendors to treat their database as a customer and apply quality checks to maintain high quality data to be able to function properly.

Data explosion:

There has been a monumental increase in information distribution in the recent years. It becomes a necessity to manage this data and maintain the cleanest data possible. To achieve this objective, one must be aware of the main elements of a clean data; some of these elements are highlighted here.

  • Accuracy of data:

Accuracy of data is absolutely essential for telemarketing companies in India for it to be of any relevance to them. If the database is full of errors and inaccuracies, they are bound to lose a lot of time trying to purge it besides calling wrong persons and using wrong numbers. Self-reported data is likely to contain unintentional or even intentional inaccuracies. If there is a lack of attentiveness or a general lackluster approach on the part of the employees, things may get even worse.

  • Consistency in the process:

A database containing inconsistencies cannot be classified as flawless. Consistency of data means maintaining data according to a standardized format or procedure; this is to ensure that no two persons collect or enter information differently. Thus even a new recruit can take the lead forward from where his predecessor had left it. Inconsistencies make life difficult for sales people as they severely hamper the ability to accurately segment their database. If you are serious about achieving this objective, computerization and automation can make it pretty simple and straightforward.

  • Completeness of data:

Completeness of data is essential for telemarketing companies India. If you hope to grow your business, your data needs to be complete in every sense. Completeness of data is two-fold. Each of your records should be complete- names, phone numbers, job titles, emails etc- on a micro level; while you must ensure that you have all the records you need for business development- on a macro level.

A clean database is imperative for telemarketing companies in India in order to function effectively and generate business and brand value for their customers. The data they use should be accurate and complete, and consistency of the process is important too.

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