3 Essentials For Telesales Companies To Effectively Deal With Gatekeepers

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The biggest hurdle in the way of top telesales companies like The Global Associates in their effort to reach out to the desired decision-makers is the presence of the call screeners or the gatekeepers. Today’s decision-makers have a premium on their time, they develop a natural aversion to the unsolicited sales calls eating into their productive moments; They put up several layers of barriers in the form of these gatekeepers around themselves making it tough for telesales companies to approach them.

It’s imperative for telesales companies to devise ways to deal effectively with the call screeners in order to approach the top executives without wasting too much time.

Telesales CompaniesThe following are some essentials for achieving this objective.

  • Doing a thorough research

It’s essential to do thorough research about the company and the desired executive before making a call. You won’t be able to convince the call screener without having the exact details about the name and designation of the decision-maker, and the functioning and requirements of the company. They will not let you through if you lack this knowledge.

  • Being honest with them

Bluffing your way through the call screeners is not a good idea, after all, they are experienced people. They can easily smell a rat, and that will be the end of the road for you. Tell them honestly what you do and try to convince them that the company stands to gain if the decision-maker meets with you. Behave like a true problem solver rather than as a greedy salesperson.

  • Being polite

The gatekeepers are merely performing their duty, never take it personally. Feeling antagonistic towards them won’t be fair. Give them a positive message about the utility of your products/ services with all humbleness and politeness.

Reaching out to the decision-makers is always the constant endeavor of telesales companies, the presence of call screeners makes their task very challenging. It’s imperative to devise ways to effectively deal with these people to achieve this task efficiently and without losing time.

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