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Telesales Companies

3 Factors Limiting The Success Rate Of Telesales Companies

One of the greatest challenges for top telesales companies like The Global Associates is to convince their prospects during the initial conversation that they should get in touch again. It’s never a good feeling for a sales rep when their call gets terminated within the first few seconds, it really does not reflect well on the preparations of telesales companies. Cold calling is an opportunity to build sustainable business relationships in the long run; one shouldn’t waste it just because they weren’t thoroughly prepared.

Telesales Companies

Following are some factors that prevent you from going any further in the sales process, limiting your success rate.

  • Decision-makers have a premium on their time:

A lack of time on the part of the decision-makers is a great limiting factor for telesales companies today. They have to put out a thousand fires of their own each day; a sales rep would naturally be quite low on their priority list. Make it a point to keep your call short and precise if you want to be heard by the prospect till the end.

  • Your offer may not be attractive enough:

If you don’t have anything substantial to offer, the prospect is not going to listen to you to the end. Make sure the prospect would really want your product/ service, and that your proposal is attractive enough for them. Have something specific for their industry, their individual needs before you call.

  • Prospect lacks motivation:

A prospect may live with their problem without doing anything to alleviate it if they lack motivation. Give them some incentive to encourage them to solve their issues. They will go ahead only if they have the motivation to solve their issues, otherwise, you may keep waiting for an eternity.

Telesales companies must realize the importance of the first few seconds of a cold call. It’s imperative to make your call short, offer something worth the prospect’s time and judge the level of their motivation to clear this first hurdle.

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