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Lead Generation Companies

3 Issues With Sales Prospecting Lead Generation Companies Should Be Aware Of

Top lead generation companies like The Global Associates realize the fact that prospecting is an integral part of the sales process, one must constantly pump in fresh leads into the sales pipeline for best possible results. The challenge in this regard for lead generation companies is that despite sales prospecting accounting for more than fifty percent of an organization’s sales pipeline activity, it’s strangely disliked by most sales reps and their managers. Of course, it’s never easy to approach unknown prospects and try to convince them to try your product/ service, yet you cannot thrive without mastering this art.

Lead Generation Companies

Some main issues associated with sales prospecting one must address effectively are discussed below.

  • Huge investment of time and resources

Sales prospecting, though critical for the progress of lead generation companies, is a costly process. Studies show that only about ten percent people take your call, and most of them are not interested in dealing with you. So, the success rate is pretty low despite huge investment in terms of time and resources.

  • Less than optimum use of sales talent

It’s always a challenge to find, nurture and retain talented sales people; one would like to make the best use of this talent. That’s probably not the case if they are being used for dialing numbers despite being good at making conversations, handling prospects well, or having other such qualities. Most organization face this dilemma.

  • Marketing and Sales departments not coordinating

Sales organizations are likely to suffer greatly if there is a lack of coordination between their marketing and sales teams. A process should be in place for making contact with the prospects in a way that the same persons are not approached by the two departments. The sales and marketing teams should share information and results as a practice.

Lead generation companies operate in an era of extremely busy decision makers and ever-intensifying global competition, life is never easy for them. Sales prospecting is an essential yet challenging part of the sales process, identifying the issues involved can help them find effective ways to deal with them.

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