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3 Problems With Sales Prospecting For Lead Generation Companies

Lead Generation Companies

Prospecting is an integral part of the sales process for The Global Associates Lead Generation Companies, constantly pumping in fresh leads in the sales pipeline is imperative for best possible results. Sales prospecting accounts for more than fifty percent of an organization’s sales pipeline activity, but strangely it’s utterly disliked by most salespersons and leaders alike; something that needs the attention of lead generation companies. Approaching unknown prospects and trying to convince them to try your product/ service is never an easy task, no doubt, yet you cannot thrive without mastering this art. Some main problems associated with sales prospecting that need to be addressed effectively are discussed below.

  • Investment of time and resources

Sales prospecting is necessary for the progress of lead generation companies, but we all know that it’s a costly process. Experience shows that only about ten percent people take your call, and most of them are uninterested people, so it can often become demoralizing. You invest time and resources but the success rate is usually quite low.

  • Inappropriate use of sales talent

Finding, nurturing and retaining talented sales people is always a challenge for sales organizations; not making their best use is a crime. These people are naturally good at making conversations, handle prospects well, are well versed with company’s products and solutions and previous achievements. Using these talented people for dialing decision makers who don’t even respond is certainly not the best use of their rare talent according to sales gurus.

  • Lack of coordination among people from marketing and sales

Huge amounts of time and resources are invested by both the marketing and sales teams; lead generation companies could suffer greatly if there is a lack of coordination between the two departments. There should be a process for making contact with the prospects in a way that the same persons are not approached by the two departments.There should be a practice among sales and marketing teams to share information and results.


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