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3 Problems With Sales Prospecting That Make Life Difficult For Lead Generation Services

Top companies providing lead generation services like The Global Associates understand that prospecting is an integral part of the sales process, pumping in fresh leads regularly into the sales pipeline is imperative to ensure good results. However, it’s surprising that most sales people dislike the process of prospecting despite the fact that it accounts for more than half of an organization’s sales pipeline activity, and it often results in poor performance of lead generation services providers. It’s never easy, of course, to approach unknown prospects and try convincing them to buy from you, yet you can never undermine its importance.

Following is a brief discussion on some issues associated with sales prospecting that you need to address effectively to be more successful.

·         Expensive process

Sales prospecting is essential for lead generation services, but it’s a costly affair. Studies show that the success rates are usually low (only about ten percent of the persons approached take your call, and many of them are often uninterested). This means that despite high investment in terms of time and resources, the returns are low.

·         Under utilization of sales talent

In the modern era, it’s always a great challenge for lead generation services providers to find, nurture and retain talented sales people. Just using your accomplished, highly educated workforce for dialing numbers is considered under utilization of their rare talent, a dilemma for most organizations.

·         Lack of communication between marketing and sales teams

Bridging the gap between the working of your marketing and sales teams is always a big challenge. This results in a duplication of effort. You must ensure a process for making contact with the prospects in a way that the same persons are not approached separately by the two departments. Your sales and marketing teams should regularly share information and results to avoid this duplication.

The above mentioned issues associated with prospecting can affect the efficiency of lead generation services agencies adversely. You must find ways to overcome these problems and make the process of prospecting efficient and effective in order to make your lead generation effort more successful.