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Telemarketing Companies In India

3 Queries Telemarketing Companies In India Must Answer To Get The Deal Through

Telemarketing Companies In India

3 Queries Telemarketing Companies In India Must Answer To Get The Deal Through The Global Associates

Even in this era of online marketing techniques, cold calling still remains a potent tool for The Global Associates Telemarketing Companies In India. People often think that cold calling has lost its relevance because most sales people, unfortunately, fail to realize that first few seconds of a cold call are mighty important; a blunder that costs telemarketing companies India dearly. One needs to make good preparation and do a thorough homework before making a call if you want to get the most out of it.

Importance of first few seconds of a cold call

Telemarketing companies In India must realize that cold calling is not an extempore act, it’s essential to plan in advance as the first few seconds of a cold call decide whether the sales process is going forward or not. You fail to convince the prospect during these first few seconds that your call is worth their time and they will push the disconnect button. Cold calling is an opportunity to connect with the prospects for developing a sustained business relationship. The prospective customer will certainly have a few doubts when they are first approached, it makes the first few seconds mighty important. It’s absolutely imperative to assuage their doubts if you want to have any chance of taking the sales process forward. Let us talk about some of these doubts briefly.

  • My time is so important!

The top executives in today’s business scenario are kept extremely busy by their work pressures. They will entertain you only if they find it worth their time, they just don’t have any time for charity. You must be brief and to the point; respect the value of their time to convince them you are not going to waste their precious moments.

  • There must be something substantial for me in his offer!

You must have something special to offer, otherwise you will hear that deadly click at the other end pretty soon. If you can’t interest the prospect, things are not going anywhere. Prepare a short and smart script including all the salient features of your offer before you make a call.

  • His offer must have an incentive for me!

You are not going to be entertained unless your offer has some direct incentive for the prospect. Your product must help them improve their productivity or save or make more money; telemarketing companies In India must include this in their script to keep the decision makers interested.

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