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Business Lead Generation Companies

3 Questions Business Lead Generation Companies Must Ask To Know Where They Stand

Top business lead generation companies like The Global Associates always dread the sales leads that keep lingering on too long without actually moving forward towards deal closing. A lot of time and effort is invested by business lead generation companies in qualifying a lead, a lead that ultimately bears no fruit is a sheer wastage of resources for them. They must know exactly when to leave a lead and move on to focus on more promising ones, asking the prospect a few pointed questions can certainly help them understand exactly where they stand in terms of getting or not getting that particular account.
Business Lead Generation Companies
Following is a brief discussion on some of these specific questions.

  • Do we have any competition?

It’s always prudent for business lead generation companies to ask the client whether they are in touch with other vendors also. The customer’s response will make it clear where you stand. A negative answer would mean that either you have a low fruit waiting for you or the prospect is not serious enough about the deal at all. In case you are indeed facing competition, go ahead and demonstrate your capabilities and preparedness.

  • What do you expect from us?

You must ask the customer about their expectations regarding quality and background of vendors. It’s imperative to understand in clear terms about whether you possess the structure and capability to do their bidding. Move on if you don’t. However, if slight adjustments can help, give it your best shot.

  • What is your timeline?

Asking the timeline of the customer right away is always advisable for business lead generation companies in order to avoid any confusions. You may have to wait endlessly if there is no time limit for taking decisions and implementing the solutions. Once you are sure of the timeline, you can use the available time for developing relationships for future deals.

Sales leads lying in the sales purgatory are always a cause of concern for business lead generation companies. They eat up a lot of time and create frustration, ask pointed questions to be clear about whether to persist with the lead or whether to move on.

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