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B2B Sales Leads

3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself To Effectively Generate B2B Sales Leads

By December 16, 2020June 24th, 2022No Comments

B2B sales leads lying in the sales purgatory can often give sleepless nights to top lead generators like The Global Associates. You invest good amount of time and resources in qualifying these B2B sales leads, yet there is always an apprehension that a good percentage of these leads may fail to bear any result.

B2B Sales LeadsYou must know clearly whether to stick with these leads a little longer or whether to move on and focus on other more promising ones to make your approach more effective and result-oriented. You should ask yourselves three straight forward questions to have a fair idea of the time you should devote on a particular lead, following is a list of these questions.

  1. Do I have any competition?

Unless you are referred by someone special, you would invariably have to face stiff competition when you are trying for a new deal. Before devoting much time on such B2B sales leads, go ahead and ask the prospect if they are in touch with other vendors also. You can plan your approach accordingly. Be cautious if they answer in negative, they might not be motivated enough to buy at the moment.

  1. Do I have what they need?

Assess whether you have the capability to meet the customer’s expectations. This will give you a good idea about where you actually stand. It’s better to move on if you fall short of the expected level. However, if slight improvements will make you eligible, try your hardest to be there.

  1. What is their timeline?

Always ask about their timelines first up. This will give you a good idea about their intentions. Having an exact idea when they might be taking a final decision and when they actually intend to implement it will enable you to make your strategy regarding developing a relationship with them and making necessary preparations.

Generating B2B sales leads is by no means a child’s play. Sales prospecting plays a vital role in making the process successful, asking yourselves these questions will give you a clear idea about whether to devote more time to the particular lead or move on to other promising  ones.