3 Things Telesales Companies Must Do Well To Convince The Prospect To Buy From Them

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The job performed by top telesales companies like The Global Associates has become very tough and challenging in the modern-day business scenario where the customer is extremely busy and very well-informed. The process of developing sustainable, long-lasting business relations for telesales companies always begins with a productive, meaningful conversation between a sales rep and the prospect, one must make it count in order to take the sales process forward beyond this first stage. Despite knowing the importance of the first few seconds of a cold call, most sales persons are ill prepared while calling a prospect, which often costs them dearly. A promising lead is nipped in the bud, a lucrative deal is lost within these initial moments.

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The first few seconds of a cold call make or break your chances. You must do a few things well to convince them to listen to you to the end and agree to have more sessions with you for a better understanding. This gives you time to devise your strategies accordingly. Following is a brief discussion on these important things that help you convince them about trying out your products.

  • Make it short and to the point

Telesales companies must realize that the customer today has a premium on their time, they are extremely busy. You cannot waste their time by making them listen to long introductions or lengthy tales. If you want to be heard by them with any interest, make it short, crisp and to the point.

  • Evoke their interest

Plan your conversation with a view to evoke their interest right in the beginning and keeping them interested throughout the call. You can accomplish this seemingly tough task by providing substance to your content. Have something worthwhile to make them listen to you for long enough. Do your homework and prepare a script that includes something for their industry and their specific needs to encourage them to come forward with you on this journey.

  • Judge their level of motivation

Telesales companies are often encouraged when they can identify a customer’s pain points; however, it’s absolutely necessary to judge their level of motivation before investing too much time in pursuing them. They might live with their pain for an indefinite period of time if they lack motivation to do something about it. Try and judge their level of motivation to solve their issues, move on if they lack this motivation and focus on a more promising lead.

The changed realities of today’s business world has made the already tough job of telesales companies even tougher and more challenging. Doing certain things well can help you convince the customer to listen to you with interest and take the sales process forward towards deal closing.

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