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Lead Generation In India

Making Cold Calling A Potent Tool In Boosting Lead Generation In India

Lead Generation In India

3 Tips For Making Cold Calling A Potent Tool In Boosting Lead Generation In India

Sales people have many new and effective tools available in the modern-day business scenario for boosting lead generation in India. Many experts believe that several age-old tools like cold calling have lost their relevance and online marketing techniques are more useful in enhancing lead generation in India now. However, cold calling has its own advantages as it gives you an opportunity to add a personal touch to the process; you just need ways to make it more effective.

A potent tool:

Cold calling has always been one of the most potent tools for sales people in boosting lead generation in India, allowing them to be in direct contact with the decision makers. One certainly needs to get through call screeners to reach these important people, yet this can be done with perseverance and tact. Following are three ways to make this tool more effective and client friendly.

  • Making cold calls warmer:

Boosting lead generation in India is all about dialing complete strangers hoping to convince them to buy from you. However, it’s hard to achieve this objective without making them feel comfortable and friendly. A sales person has to sound warm and natural in order to begin on a positive note. Prospects never like talking to over animated or dull, scripted or unprepared sales reps.

  • Not wasting their time:

The decision makers today have a premium on their time; you have to respect their time and privacy. Keeping your initial call short and to the point is paramount if you want to be heard by them. Don’t try to give a detailed introduction; stating your name and company’s name and your objective is enough.

  • Doing your homework:

Never call unprepared. Research their needs and pain points before you pick up your phone. Present yourself as a problem solver, not as an outright sales person. If you can convince them that you have a solution to cure their ills, you will get that opportunity later.

Lead generation in India has never been a stroll in the park; it has become even tougher a job in this era of fierce competition and curtailed budgets. Time-tested tools like cold calling can still be useful if made more effective for creating quality leads.

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