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Telesales Companies

3 Ways Telesales Companies Can Get Past Call Screeners Successfully

Top telesales companies like The Global Associates perform the unenviable job of approaching mostly unknown prospects and convincing them about buying from them. The job of telesales companies is made even tougher and more challenging by a fast-changing business environment where the decision makers have a premium on their time. These top executives are so wary of unsolicited calls or visitors eating into their productive time that they build layers of call screeners around themselves. Tackling with these gatekeepers and approaching their bosses without delay is a big challenge today.

Telesales Companies
Today’s decision makers have a thousand fires of their own to put out each day, you naturally come way down their priority list. The gatekeepers and call screeners are there to protect their valuable time by preventing an unsolicited salesperson from reaching them. Telesales companies  must devise effective ways to slip past these call screeners to make their working more efficient. Following are some useful tips to achieve this objective.

  • Have all the right information

Never pick up your phone without having the right information about the person/ organization. Call screeners are experienced people, they will block you out if you try calling randomly without the exact names and designations of the decision makers. Do your homework before making a call.

  • Be honest with them

Honesty is the best policy with the call screeners, always. They are smart people, they can smell a rat instantly. You are lost forever if you are caught bluffing your way through. Tell them honestly your purpose and services you offer, they will let you through if you succeed in convincing them about your utility for their organization.

  • Use effective referrals

Telesales companies should make it a practice to call with an effective referral. A name well known to their bosses will prompt the gatekeepers to allow your entry into the chamber of the desired decision maker. Make sure that the referral is genuine and well known to the top executive you are trying to get in touch with.

The job performed by telesales companies is never a walk in the park, the presence of call screeners can make life even tougher for them. It’s essential to learn the art of dealing effectively with the call screeners in order to be able to get an easy access into the decision maker’s chamber. Have all the right information about the executive, be honest with the call screeners, and use good referrals wherever possible to achieve this seemingly impossible objective.

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