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3 Ways Telesales Companies Can Make Cold Calling More Effective

It’s a part of the job of top telesales companies like The Global Associates to deal with objections, overcome resistance and clarify expectations in order to convince the customers to buy from them. Life is never easy for telesales companies, these objections are often unpleasant and the response of the prospects cold or even rude; they must find their way out of the tricky situations to take the sales process forward.

The real key to success lies in learning to convert rejections into opportunities and seemingly dead leads into goldmines. Sales organizations always strive to develop sustainable business relationships with their customers, this process starts with a meaningful conversation between a sales rep and an interested prospect, the art of cold calling thus assumes great significance.

Telesales Companies

Following are some useful tips to make cold calling more effective and result-oriented:

  • Be patient

Train your sales reps to be patient when things are not going their way. Telesales companies stand to gain something worthwhile even when the person at the other end of the phone line is not the intended one. There is no need to panic and disconnect in a haste. Don’t give up too soon, try making every single count. You must elicit some useful information about the organization and your desired decision maker, or ask them for a useful referral, this could still turn out to be a useful call.

  • Keep the call going

Keep the call going long enough to send your message through. It doesn’t matter if the prospect has already engaged another vendor, or getting the job done by an in-house team. Try getting some valuable information while the customer is on the call. Try to know whether they are having problems with the current vendor, and whether you can offer a better deal, and so on. If you are able to strike the right chord, doors might open for you in future

  • Learn to move on

Businesses have their ups and downs, you cannot take failure to heart everytime. Don’t be too upset if the customer says no, just try to get some useful information for future use. Accept their decision gracefully, and move on. Prepare your ground for future assignments by exploring possibilities and asking relevant questions. This information will help you during similar situations later.

Be patient, keep the call going long enough, and learn to move on and focus on other promising leads when customers says no, and you shall soon touch dizzying heights.

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