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4 Components of Clean Data For Efficient Working: Lead Generation Services

By September 18, 2019No Comments

Top companies offering lead generation services like The Global Associates must take the quality of their databases very seriously; it’s nearly impossible to run a successful campaign if your database is full of errors, dupes, and inconsistencies. In order to create quality fresh opportunities in good numbers, the providers of lead generation services need to adopt strict quality control measures to ensure that their data is clean and error-free. A less than perfect database will result in a loss of time, efficiency and accountability.

Lead Generation ServicesComponents of clean data:

There has been an unprecedented increase in the volume of information available, making it very difficult to maintain the quality of your data. You need to identify the basic components of good data in order to develop a system for keeping your data clean; some of these essential components are discussed below.

  • Accuracy of data

Lead generation services must ensure the accuracy of the data to keep their work effective and efficient. You are bound to lose a lot of time and resources if your data is incorrect; develop a system to make sure that the information entered- the names of the decision-makers, their phone numbers and email addresses-are verified.

  • Completeness of data

Completeness of data is a prerequisite for making your lead generation effort more successful. You must check the completeness of your data on two levels. First of all, ensure that you have all the records you need;like the names of all the companies that use the kind of services you offer, the contact details of all the desired decision-makers, and so on. Then on a micro level, check these records to see whether they have all the relevant fields and information; make sure the correctness of the names, contact numbers, email addresses, designations, and referrals, etc.

  • Consistency of the process

It’s always advisable for companies offering lead generation services to have a standardized format in order to analyze and synthesize their data. The efficiency of your workflow would improve by systematically classifying and prioritizing your data. Modern CRM systems help you standardize your process through automation.

  • Uniqueness of data

Uniqueness is another important component of clean data, it helps you avoid any duplication or chaos. Your employees would be losing their productivity if a record is appearing again and again in your database. Similarly, resolving the true status of a record becomes impossible if it shows a different status every time.

Working with a clean, error-free database should be the priority of the providers of lead generation services.  Your success is assured if your data has all the essential components- accuracy, completeness, and uniqueness of data, and consistency of the process.

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