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B2B Leads Database

4 Components You Should Ensure in Your B2B Leads Database for a Hassle-free Working In 2021

Top lead generators like The Global Associates perfectly understand the importance of working with an authenticated, error-free B2B leads database in order to run a successful lead generation campaign in the year 2021, and beyond.

It becomes virtually impossible to effectively create quality fresh opportunities if your B2B leads database is full of errors, dupes or inconsistencies. This is likely to result in gross wastage of time, resources and man hours, and cause frustration and discontent among your employees. It’s vital to have in place a strict quality control regime and effective monitoring mechanism to keep your data clean and authenticated, and maintain your efficiency.

B2B Leads Database

Significance of working with a clean database:

It’s necessary to put in place strict quality control mechanisms to keep your B2B leads database clean and reliable, especially in this era of internet revolution. There has been a data explosion in the recent years creating a maze of information. Thus it’s important to know the trick of finding relevant data and purging it as per your needs. You must first identify the essential components of clean data to achieve this objective. Following is a brief discussion on these essential components:

  • Data accuracy

Data accuracy is the most important component of good data. You must ensure that your data is error-free in every sense. You cannot afford a database with entries like the names, designations or the phone numbers etc of decision makers being incorrect or incomplete. It will waste great amounts of time and resources. Avoiding any intentional or unintentional errors is essential since they cause frustration among the employees and affect your efficiency adversely.

  • Completeness of data

You cannot expect a smooth workflow working with an incomplete data. The completeness of data is another essential component of clean data, which is gauged on two levels. On the macro level all the records you need, such as the names of all the companies you deal with, the contact details of desired decision makers, and so on, should be complete.

Again, on the micro level all the relevant fields and information in these records, like the names, phone numbers, email addresses, designations of decision makers and referrals, and so on, should be entered in complete detail. You must develop the habit of working with a clean, error-free B2B leads database to effectively generate quality leads on a regular basis. Understanding the essential components of good data goes a long way in helping you achieve this objective. We shall continue discussing these components in our next post.

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