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B2B Leads Database

4 Essential Components To Make Sure Your B2B Leads Database Is Clean

Top sales organizations like The Global Associates rely heavily on the quality of their B2B leads database for their business operations. Just like the manufacturing units, sales companies must also adopt strict quality control measures to keep the B2B leads database clean and error-free. You will lose time, resources and peace of mind working with a database full of errors, dupes and format inconsistencies. Maintaining the accuracy and quality of data is, therefore, mandatory to taste greater success.

Internet revolution has ensured that you receive data from every conceivable quarter today, making it vital to take measures for maintaining the quality of B2B leads database. It’s pretty challenging to clean up your data and keep it error-free, you must understand the basic components of good data in order to develop a system for keeping your data clean.

B2B Leads DatabaseSome of the essential components of clean data are discussed below.

  • Accuracy of data

First and foremost, it’s imperative to ensure the accuracy of your database. Make sure all the data- the names of the decision makers, their phone numbers and email addresses,and so on- is entered correctly, and your working will be smooth and efficient. You are going to face a lot of frustration and chaos if intentional and unintentional inconsistencies are not avoided.

  • Completeness of data

An organization cannot function efficiently working with an incomplete data. The completeness of the data on two levels: First, if you have all the required records available – the names of all the companies that use the kind of services offered by the company, the contact details of all the decision makers needed to be contacted,and so on;secondly, if all the relevant fields and information are available for each of these records- the names, phone numbers, email addresses, designations and referrals etc.

  • Consistency of the process

Consistency is another essential component of clean data. Your B2B leads database could become impregnable if you don’t have a standardized format in place to analyze and synthesize data. You must classify and prioritize data for an efficient workflow.  Consistency ensures that even a new employee can pick up the thread in case an old one leaves the company or moves to another department.

  • Uniqueness of data

You must ensure uniqueness of data to avoid duplication and chaos. You will lose time and peace of mind if a record keeps appearing again and again in your database. There will be a lot of confusion and frustration if one finds the same record showing a different status every time.

Sales organizations must make it a habit to work with a clean, high-quality B2B leads database.  It’s important to understand well the basic components of clean data and making sure that your database contains all of them- accuracy, completeness, consistency and uniqueness- to enable you to function efficiently and effectively.