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4 Questions That Can Save You From Self Destruction: Sales Lead Generation India


The Global Associates Sales Lead Generation India is a tough nut to crack with the intensifying competition and weak world economy; yet a lot could be achieved through proper planning and hard work. Every sales organization aspires to achieve greater heights each successive year and sets goals for its employees and itself. Boosting sales lead generation India depends how efficiently these goals are achieved; yet most companies set unrealistic goals putting huge pressure on their employees. This is often done despite the best intentions of the management. Let us discuss the reasons for this huge mistake that derails a company and causes frustration among the employees.

  • Are you miscalculating the sales cycle?

In their zeal to enhance sales lead generation India, companies tend to underestimate the sales cycle period, or the time taken from the lead generation process to finally closing the deal. As the result, they often set goals or targets that are virtually impossible to achieve. Rolling in the cycle time for cold call leads, in-bound leads and referrals into a single metric is a mistake that organizations often commit. They thus set unrealistically short sales cycle projections and misjudge even healthy leads as dead ones.

  • Are you focusing too much on closed deals?

If you are counting only the closed deals and ignoring the leads waiting in the sales pipeline, you are making a huge mistake. This would lead you on the path to self-destruct. Both prospecting and lead qualification are integral parts of the process; you cannot ignore them and hope to succeed.

  • Are you using an inaccurate and unrealistic sales forecast?

If you are using an unrealistic sales forecast not based on sound principles, it’s virtually impossible to keep on the right track. It’s important to use an accurate forecast for cold call leads that are being processed in your sales cycle. Keep the referrals and in-bound leads separate from this process to avoid any confusions. Evaluate each of these processes independently.

  • Have you identified key stages in the sales process?

It’s imperative to identify key stages in the sales process if you want to boost sales lead generation India. It helps you frame your strategies based on previous experience and track the projected sales to be generated and time taken by each individual lead in completing its cycle. You tend to self-destruct if you don’t take this necessary step. You can avoid the mistake of setting unrealistic goals and putting your team under undue pressure if you are generating enough data based on the previous experience. After all, the best interest of an organization lies in setting realistic goals and motivating the team members to do their best.

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