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B2B Lead Generation

4 Ways To Identify Potential Buyers In B2B Lead Generation

By August 18, 2022October 13th, 2022No Comments

B2B lead generation is a vital stage in the inbound marketing strategy of a company to improve its business prospects. The post discusses ways to identify the potential buyers for making your lead generation effort effective and result-oriented.

Top providers of B2B lead generation services like The Global Associates play a vital role in helping their clients grow their businesses in the year 2022 and beyond.

B2B lead generation is a way of warming up potential customers to your business in order to get them on the path to eventually purchase your products or avail of your services.

Creating quality B2B leads to pump into the sales pipeline naturally becomes the focus of lead generation services; and that gives rise to the most obvious question: what’s a B2B sales lead?

B2B sales lead is a business term coined for the people who have been identified as prospective customers for your business interested in your product or service.

They are likely to find value in buying from you; B2B lead generation in India is all about trying to convert them into leads and then strike a deal, to establish sustainable business relationships with them.

First of all, let’s see the types of leads you need to work on, there are primarily two types:

  • Marketing-qualified leads MQLs.
  • Sales-qualified leads SQLs

MQLs are those targeted leads that are highly likely to turn into paying customers and thus assume great significance for B2B lead generation companies. The engagement a particular MQL had with your marketing team forms the basis of the qualification process for the lead.

4 Ways To Identify Potential Buyers In B2B Lead Generation

It’s important to understand how you can identify if a prospect may be identified as an MQL, following are a few tips to help you on your way:

  1. A prospect who is frequently visiting some page related to a particular product or service on your website;
  2. A visitor to your website who goes ahead and fills a form, or multiple forms to show interest in your offerings;
  3. Someone who downloads a piece of content featured on your website to show their inclination in some specific area;
  4. A prospect who comes forward to sign up for one of your company’s webinars or physical events.

Now, what significance does an SQL have for B2B lead generation services?

SQLs can be termed as MQLs that have progressed along your sales funnel, and are considered ready to be ready for engagement with your sales team. The lead must have expressed a clear interest in buying your product or service to be designated as an SQL.

B2B lead generation professionals must identify in certain terms the ways that express this intent, following are some tips for the same:

  1. A prospect who would have shown intent of using your product or service in a telephonic conversation with your company’s sales representative;
  2. A prospective customer who would have expressed a keen interest in your product or service in an email or LinkedIn message;
  3. Someone who would have expressed their desire to know more about your company or some particular offering;
  4. A prospect who would have requested a live demo of your product or service by one of your sales representatives is likely to become a paying customer.

It’s best for your sales and marketing teams to work in close cooperation sharing information and references to avoid duplication of work and wastage of time in order to make your effort more effective and result-oriented.

While sales reps source and store lead forwarded by the marketing team and engage with and book meetings; business development managers then take over conducting demos, closing deals, and generating revenue for the organization.

If you can assure a smooth flow, there are several advantages to make your lead generation effort more successful. A few of these are discussed below:

  • The process helps you create a solid lead generation pipeline with the sales reps creating numerous quality opportunities for the business development managers to take appropriate action to improve the closing ratios.
  • Each employee is allowed to focus on solely one responsibility due to the clear division of roles. This naturally helps them quickly achieve expertise in their particular roles, which is beneficial both for the employees and the organization.
  • This shows a clear roadmap for the company and employees can also plan their career paths. A sales rep consistently achieving their targets will become eligible for promotion as business development managers.

B2B lead generation in India is carried through numerous sales and marketing activities that are focused on making your campaign efficient and effective. These may include growth hacking, giving incentives, conducting contests, and offering free tools to prospective buyers. Content marketing also plays a big role in attracting quality leads through publishing valuable content and promoting them to its target audience. These include webinars, podcasts, and eBooks among others.

B2B lead generation is a great tool for creating fresh quality opportunities in abundance to help your clients reach out to a wide variety of customers and grow their businesses. One may use time-tested tools and techniques and also adopt modern online marketing methods to make their lead generation effort a great success.

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