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5 B2B Demand Generation Examples For Producing Exceptional Results

By October 6, 2022October 13th, 2022No Comments

Demand generation is a powerful tool to build brand awareness, increase traffic and create new opportunities. The post discusses some effective demand-generation strategies for creating a predictable pipeline for your sales teams.

B2B demand generation is a time-tested, potent tool for top service providers like The Global Associates to effectively build brand awareness, increase traffic, and secure quality leads for their clients in the year 2022 and beyond. Reputed providers of B2B demand generation services adopt innovative, powerful methods to create a predictable pipeline for the sales teams to take over and convert these leads into lucrative deals.

Experienced sales professionals realize the fact that different strategies, including search engine optimization SEO, can take your efforts only up to a point, you must ultimately convert curiosity into customers to grow your business. B2B demand generation companies strive constantly to create a healthy pipeline of promising leads by expanding their audience base and generating awareness and demand for your products or services.

Demand generation companies endeavor to create demand and awareness for your products/ solutions/ services by expanding your audience, generating urgency, and highlighting their benefits in order to prompt interested prospects into action. You start off with initial campaigns to attract your target audience to approach you with the intention of solving their problems. After that, you make effective strategies to encourage the audience to engage with the content you have published, attend the events organized by you, and show a keen interest in your products or services.

B2B demand generation marketing has the objective of nurturing and engaging your prospects, and spreading awareness about your brand. Your goal is of course to help them move through the initial stages of a buyer’s journey to turn them into qualified leads. The next step is to convert them into new customers using a well-planned sales pitch.

How is demand generation different from lead generation?

While demand generation is the process of growing your audience by bringing new visitors in good numbers to your website with the objective of introducing them to your products or services, lead generation is about converting your audience into qualified leads. So, basically demand generation feeds into lead generation by building awareness and developing interest to increase the level of motivation of the prospects.

Demand generation

Some great demand generation examples:

Experienced B2B demand generation companies perfectly understand that generating demand is not an automatic process, it can be achieved only through effort and consistency. The important fact here is that the demand generation process may be different for every unique business and every unique organization, yet there can be a common basis. Building the right approach is vital, and the following discussion on some of the great demand generation examples throws light on the issue.

1. Everyone loves free stuff!

Yes, you are there to sell your products or services, yet when you understand the fact that every prospect loves getting something for free, you will be eager to offer some free service as well. When you give away free stuff, you build trust with the prospects as they get a good idea about what you have to offer in real time. It also gives them a good insight into the quality of your product/ service and the credibility of your company. They are thus able to make purchasing decisions on solid grounds.

2. Guest posting expands your reach

When you are planning to reach out to customers, always adopt the principle: the more the reach, the better the results. Posting a blog on your own website caters to people from your already existing audience. Now, consider the scenario when you write a blog for someone else. It would mean that their audience is also reading about your products/ services and getting to know about your expertise. You never know when they might get interested in your services and you have some quality leads waiting for you.

3. Social media marketing: the in-thing

Gone are the days when social media was considered a fun platform having little to do with marketing. It’s the real deal now with more than 80 percent of companies making use of social media to engage well with their prospective and existing customers. It gives you an opportunity to be engaging with them in real time, clearing their doubts and apprehensions instantly. Social media platforms allow you to reach out to your target audience in a friendly manner and gather their attraction.

4. Ad campaigns are effective

Ad campaigns effectively help you reach those who cannot reach you, thus expanding your audience. Surveys show that nearly two-thirds of people are likely to click on google ads since they are looking exactly for the product that’s being advertised. You offer what people want, and get what you want- leads, and it’s easy to measure the results.

5. Email marketing still works

Email marketing is still a potent tool for demand generation companies, you just have to offer value to the customer, and show them what they want to see without actually bombarding them with irrelevant stuff. Always make it a point to send the right message to the right audience. Customize your emails to provide the prospects with the information they need. You definitely want to tell them about your products/ services, but also focus on inducing their interest in them.

There are countless effective B2B demand generation examples for you to arouse the interest of a prospect to come forward and become a qualified lead, you must identify your own requirements and choose the most effective ones. Different examples might work better for different stages of the sales funnel, build your funnel accordingly to achieve exceptional results.

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