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B2B Lead Generation

5 Step Formula For Running A Successful B2B Lead Generation Program

Successfully maximizing B2B Lead Generation has become a real tough nut to crack for top lead generation companies like The Global Associates in this age of extremely busy decision makers and ever-intensifying global competition. You need to devise sound strategies and develop effective processes in order to make your B2B lead generation program effective and sustainable. It’s true that some salesmen have in-born talent, but generally the art can be learnt through training and diligence.

B2B Lead GenerationFollowing is a 5 step formula to make your lead generation effort more successful and result oriented.

  • Be pro-active:

As a basic principle, you have to be pro-active to successfully maximize B2B lead generation.You thrive if you are action oriented;you perish if you are not. It doesn’t matter if you have completed your quota for the day, if you have time, pick up your phone and keep dialing. You have to get in touch with the prospects to initiate the sales process.

  • Productivityis the key:

Just dialing numbers is not enough,you need to remain productive. You should be able to connect with the prospects quickly and effectively. Always keep a track of how many decision makers you got in touch with to gauge your success rate. Keep the conversation time to the minimuminitially to save time for more calls.

  • Keep yourself informed:

You cannot run a successful B2B lead generation campaign without having a complete, error-free contact list. If you don’t get your information right, the call screeners will just shut you off then and there. You will be wasting a lot of productive time in sorting out the incorrect information, in addition.

  • Use a dynamic script:

Develop a habit of working with prepared scripts, going extempore is never a good idea. Do a thorough research to know a customer’s needs and pain points before you call in order to have a better understanding of their issues. Sounding too scripted is, however, never advisable.

  • Keep the conversations going:

Drill into your sales reps the importance of keeping a call going as long as possible, a promising lead is often nipped in the bud if a call is shortlived. Just keep your introduction short and crisp and encourage the customer to ask you question so their interest is aroused. If the conversation is alive, so is the sales process.

You should have a clear cut strategy and effectively monitor each stage of the process to make your B2B lead generationprogram effective and result-oriented. Be pro-active, respect customer’s time, work with a dynamic script and try to keep the call going, and you will scale new heights everyday.

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