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5 Ways For Making Voice Mails More Effective To Successfully Generate B2B Business Leads

By January 10, 2020November 24th, 2022No Comments

It’s a part of the job of top lead generators like The Global Associates to leave voice mail messages for the decision makers and wait for them to call back in their effort to generate B2B business leads in good numbers. Unfortunately, most sales reps don’t realize that leaving short, quality messages are paramount to making their B2B business lead generation campaign more effective and result-oriented.

Leaving hasty, poorly thought-out messages will fail to make the decision-makers take notice and call you back. You may thus miss out on a golden opportunity to catch the attention of those important executives at a time when they are most receptive to what one has to say.

Generate B2B Business Leads

Following are a few tips for making your voicemail messages more effective.

  • Make it short and to the point

Today’s decision-makers have a premium on their time, they don’t have time to hear long stories. Be short and precise if you want them to listen to your messages. Don’t give your designation or company name yet, just mention your name and phone number.

  • Referrals are important

Good referrals play an important role when you approach unknown decision-makers who will hear you through in all probability if you are referred by a person well known to them. Start with the name of someone they trust and value, it will help you build credibility and prompt them to call you back.

  • A thorough research before you call

You must do thorough research about the prospect and their organization before dialing their number if you want to successfully create B2B business leads in a heap. You just cannot expect to be heard by them by leaving unprepared, half-baked messages. Your research will enable you to come up with their needs and main issues; a customized message will establish you as a competent service provider, compelling them to get back to you.

  • Make it about them

Always make your message about the needs and requirements of the customer; they would press the delete button sooner rather than later if you keep on harping about the achievements of your own company. Talk about their main issues and possible solutions to keep them interested and listen y you to the end.

  • Have your message ready

Always keep your message ready before making a call. It will help you stay brief and not miss any salient points in your short message. Going extempore on a voice call message may not be a good idea, it doesn’t allow you to maintain discipline. If you create a good impression right away and they will delete the message in a hurry.

You must take these mail messages seriously if you want to make your campaign to generate B2B business leads more effective and successful. It’s essential to plan your voicemail messages to make them brief and informative intake a lot more decision-makers call you back.