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Telemarketing Lead Generation

5 Ways To Make Voice Mails More Effective To Boost Telemarketing Lead Generation

Leaving voice mails for the decision-makers is part of the everyday routine of top companies like The Global Associates in their effort to boost telemarketing lead generation. The quality of these messages determines whether those top executives are going to call you back, thus making your telemarketing lead generation campaign a grand success or a miserable failure. It’s necessary never to leave unprepared, half-baked messages, but concise and meaningful ones that make those important people take notice and call back. You have a golden opportunity here to catch their attention during their leisurely hours when they are more receptive towards your offer.

Telemarketing Lead GenerationFollowing are some useful tips to make your voice mail messages more effective and result-oriented.

  • Leave brief and to-the-point messages

Modern-day decision-makers are extremely busy, you must respect their time to make your telemarketing lead generation effort more successful. Keep your voice messages brief and to-the-point if you want them to continue listening to the end. Just mention your name, phone number and purpose, don’t waste their time by giving your designation or company name.

  • Try using referrals

Good referrals always make the decision-makers more receptive to your offer. You will get a better chance of hearing back from them by mentioning the name of someone close to them. It will lend you certain credibility which may help you at a later stage as well.

  • Never leave a hasty message

Never ever leave a hasty or unprepared voice message. Do your homework and have a prepared script before making a call. You will connect well with them if you know their issues and pain points in advance. They will call you back if they can sense your professionalism.

  • Focus on their main issues

You must understand that the best bet to make the prospect call you back is to mention the issues facing them and the possible solutions.If you keep on harping about your own achievements, they won’t take much time in deleting your message. The right way is to focus on their needs and issues, and not about yourself.

  • Have a script ready

You cannot hope to boost telemarketing lead generation effectively by leaving unprepared voice mails. Creating a good script is essential before making a call. This would enable you in staying brief and ensuring that no salient points are missed in your short message. It’s imperative to be clear and effective right away if you want them to listen to the entire message.

Maximizing telemarketing lead generation has become very challenging in today’s business scenario where the decision-makers are extremely busy. You can leave a brief, well-prepared voice mail messages for them to call you back later, thus enabling you to take the sales process forward.

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