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Experienced & Motivated Team for B2B Services, dedicated to Client Satisfaction 

B2B Sales Lead Generation Solutions That Work!

Established in 2010, The global associates is an Experienced Team for B2B Services provider, which works with B2B businesses to generate high-quality, actionable leads. We help businesses tackle the first step of the sales cycle by reaching out to prospects who matter. We work to analyze your target market, devise a strategy to engage decision-makers, and get them to book a call with you. Since our inception in 2010, The Global Associates has strived to achieve excellence in finding a viable approach to B2B Lead Generation and Demand Generation.

Experienced Team for B2B Services and The years of experience in the field of Inside Sales have helped us create an approach for Demand Generation, which is not only effective but also helps you reduce the cost of sales.

  • Shorter sales cycle: Time is money! With better turn-around time and conversion rates, you can put more focus on your product and leave the chore of demand generation to us!
  • Reduced Sales Costs: Cost optimization is the core mantra for success. The Global Associates is your trusted partner in reducing the cost of operations and enhancing profits.
  • Hit the markets New & Old: With our innovative, result-oriented strategies, we get you the kind of exposure that brings you brand visibility, more significant market share, and entry into new markets.
  • Enhance your team’s productivity: We at TGA support your own staff even through the most turbulent of times. With us on your side, watch your team’s productivity go off the charts!
  • Risk Mitigation: An essential business practice; we develop risk mitigation plans to reduce threats to your organization.
Experienced Team for B2B Services

Email Marketing: The Global Associates focuses on email marketing as the main contributor to demand generation. We work with high-impact email marketing campaigns targeted at your desired demographic. Have more productive conversations with prospects that matter.

Inside Sales: The Global Associates understands the real secrets and dynamics of the ever-changing and grueling inside sales paradigm. We leverage time-tested solutions backed by over two decades of sales wisdom to improve conversations and closures in hyper-competitive markets. TGA adds value at every step of the sales journey from sourcing a strong pipeline of leads to moving sales conversations in a straight line for consistent closures.

LinkedIn: These specialists build and nurture connections with prospects over social media and run drip social media campaigns to warm up your prospects and make room for meaningful conversations.

Real-Time Conversations: Our sales personnel engage with curated prospects in real-time through multiple channels including WhatsApp, chat, and emails; thereby reinforcing brand awareness and presence.

The Global Associates Team

Our team includes experienced sales professionals who have led lead generation and inside sales teams for reputed organizations and perform effort-based outreach to those who matter. Our experience of over a Decade in demand generation with our leaders being sales experts has helped us in establish successful partnerships with companies like Asian paints, HP, Logitech, Honeywell, and many more.

Our team of more than 100 highly motivated and experienced sales professionals is our pride whose main focus is to deliver sales-ready leads through their efforts. Our team of experts combines digital solutions with state-of-the-art technology and develops personalized solutions for each client.

What leaders in the B2B Sales & Marketing Industry need to succeed in the new world, TGA brings to you. The Global Associates combines Experience, Tech expertise, and Knowledge to catalyze effective results.

At The Global Associates, our team is most important to us. And this, in turn, develops in us a strong work culture. The aim of our highly valued team is to inspire the world by showing it’s possible to simultaneously deliver happiness to clients, as well as employees in a long-term, and sustainable way.

At TGA, being a close-knit team, we give importance to the voice & ideas of each and every employee, because to us, our team matters the most! Working within an atmosphere of Support, Teamwork, Open dialogue, and Respect for all employees, allows us to grow and imbibe the trust and courage to act on what we need to achieve for our clients.

Our objective is ultimately to mark a major difference in the world of B2B Lead and Demand Generation. Our Culture makes us who we are – It is the reason why enterprises globally want to do business with us.

Our Values:

Our values at TGA define us, define who we are, what we stand for, and how we work towards success. We strongly believe that Trust, Teamwork, Smart work, Passion, and Performance are critical to the success of an organization. Our team is constantly working hard for the long-term success of our global clients, and thus hard work and success are firmly rooted in us.

To work with us is to work with one of the top B2B Lead Generation companies in India as we not only help you in expanding your business but also create brand awareness.

TGA provides solutions and helps the intricate B2B Lead generation a lot easier. We are a close-knit team, focusing on increasing Client outreach in existing and new markets, globally. Our Progressive thinking and Commitment allow us to grow and imbibe the trust and courage to act on what we need to achieve for our Clients.

Got Sales Targets? Leave it to us!