B2B Account Profiling
There’s a big difference between a prospective business and one that is closed. And more often than not, accurate account profiling bridges the gap in the most effective manner. With The Global Associates, your sales team will get the added advantage of knowing which lead to pursue and which one is just a wild goose chase. Long story short, we provide actionable intelligence for effective communication and customized solutions that lead to higher conversions and more bang for your buck, as well as efforts.

We implement a comprehensive suite of research techniques using the power of technology and expert acumen to deliver when it matters the most. Our team is well versed with the intricacies of varied industry domains, and we find all the information that is needed to give our clients the competitive edge. Our team of experienced researchers makes direct contact with the relevant people to uncover truths needed to close deals. We also have a very scalable business model that ensures utmost compliance with the internal processes of our clients, so you don’t need to modify your CRM system to make the best use of our data. The result? Christmas all year long for your business!

  • Quality over quantity: Your teams pursue leads that will be interested in your offering, and not just any random prospect.
  • In-depth research: Our team doesn’t just pick out prospects from the domain you are targeting. It goes into the bifurcations and sub-categories to pick clients that mean business.