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The Global Associates B2B appointment setting companies work very hard to get in touch with the decision makers and convince them to agree for an appointment. Nothing can be more frustrating for B2B appointment setting companies than the last minute absence of the intended person from the appointed meeting. It’s natural to attach several meanings to a no-show prospect as the anxiety levels shoot up. Was the prospect not interested from the very beginning?Was this an unqualified lead not worth pursuing this far?Did the prospect felt remorseful on agreeing for the appointment initially?Is there something seriously wrong with your entire process?

A logical reflection:

A panicky reaction only gives rise to countless apprehensions. One needs to think logically and investigate the real reasons for a cancelled meeting. Even if there is something wrong, it’s better to have a positive attitude and try and retrieve the situation. Here are a few tips for dealing with last minute cancellations.

  • Don’t overreact:

Overreacting to a situation only makes it seem more desperate, so it’s best not to overreact to last minute appointment cancellations. It’s the job of B2B appointment setting services to get in touch with a lot of decision makers, many of these prospects are convinced and grant an appointment. If the prospect fails to show up for an appointed meeting, you should try to contact them and get a fresh appointment instead of assuming that they are not interested any longer.

  • Qualified vs unqualified leads:

Just because a prospect failed to show up doesn’t mean that the lead is not qualified, there could be a thousand reasons for this cancellation. You don’t need to react in a knee-jerk fashion,the decision makers have their priorities, may be they were too busy to keep the appointment and couldn’t inform you in time. Even if the prospect is uninterested, don’t fret too much, move ahead and concentrate on other leads. The percentage of such customers is usually low, so you will get a fresh appointment in most cases. B2B appointment setting companies have to deal with some unqualified sales leads also along the way, there is nothing unusual here and there is no reason to get panicky.

  • Keep generating new leads:

Don’t try to regulate your system so tightly that it leaves out too many sales leads. A B2B appointment setting agency has to deal with a few unqualified leads also, that’s a part of the whole bargain. The best way forward is to forget the disappointment of a missed appointment and concentrate on more promising leads. If your sales pipeline is full of business leads, it doesn’t matter if a few unqualified leads filter through. Moreover, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a missed appointment is indicative of a lost opportunity. You may figure low down on the priority list of the prospect right now due to other engagements, but if you try again, you can still get them on the same table. Persistence is the key for B2B appointment setting companies.

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